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How we can use household items as exercise equipment’s.

Benefits of exercise
Year 2020 had taught so many lessons to the entire world like keeping distance while you are in crowd, cover your face with mask , wash your hands again and again and most importantly maintain a strong immune system. Therefore, exercise is the essential part for our lifestyle. Exercise keeps your body, organs like brain, lungs and heart healthy. Both exercise and fitness are complementary to each other. Regular workout reduces stress and risk of health factors. Squeezing some exercises daily lift your mood fresh and boost your endurance.

Going for gym in today’s scenario is risky, working out in a gym is seriously expensive and keeping exercise equipment at home is quite uncomfortable because firstly, we don’t have such big space at home and secondly it will put extra load on your pocket. Hence, there is an excellent option too. It is not necessary to have specific gym equipment’s for exercise, use some homemade gym equipment for workout at home. Yes, it is quite interesting to do exercise without gym equipment’s. Look around you, your home is filled with these exercise equipment’s , if once you know how to use them, you can start an active and healthy life.

Use of household things as exercise equipment’s
Here are some amazing homemade gym equipments that can be used for workout at home like:

Water bottle’s– It is impossible to have dumbbells at home, but luckily we have it’s substitute and that is water bottles. You can use them for lifting weights. Fill bottles with water and start doing arm exercise or if you want to increase weight, fill it with sand.

Laundry detergent bottles– Grab the laundry detergent bottles in each hand and start doing bicep curls and you can complete your dream of getting biceps in short span of time.

Heavy books– Here is another profit to have books, Now books are not only your friend, it is also your homemade equipment. Be keeping books on your head, you can use it precisely by using it as a balancing equipment.

Stairs– If you are living in multi storey building, simply go up and down through your staircase. Instead of using lifts and elevators, it is the best exercise for cardio vascular. Walking or running the stairs would be great cardio workout for your heart.

Chairs– Dips is one of the most popular exercise. At home, chair can help you to perform dips. Face the chair, put hands on the seat and extend your legs lower than chest, than start moving your body upwards and downwards. But make sure that you are using a stable chair, it would be dangerous if it moves in unusual manner. You can practice some leg raises by sitting on chair.

Towel– Surprisingly towel can be used as an exercise equipment at your home. Use of towel by stretching arms for arm workout. You can also do plank by keeping towel under each of your feet.

Bag packs– Don’t shock, it is an extra ordinary solution to burn calories. Wear a bag pack while you do lunges, squats and push-ups. You can add more weight to get results earlier.

Beer Bottles– Chill ! We are not going to empty them, you can use them as light weight dumbbells. It’s perfect shape and size moulds your arms in perfect shape. 

Brooms– Basically broom is used for cleaning the dirt, but can you imagine extra fat from your body. It can give your hips, waist and gluts , the perfect exercise with some hip hinge. It is a perfect exercise equipment. 

Couch Cushions– It will work as gym equipment like BOSU. Cushion can provide you unstable surface for maintaining balance. Get start for deep squats and bicycle crunches by using cushions

young man making sport exercises at home

Perk of homemade gym equipments
So use these ultimate homemade gym equipments by not wasting a single moment. By adding these sources in workout you can escape from expanses done either on gym or gym equipments. Fitness centre is quite unhygienic and sophisticated place, you should avoid this. You need not to commute so that you can save time as well as money. Please don’t skeptical, it is all about sweating whether in fitness studio or your lovely home. Make your home your own fitness centre.

Stay home ,stay fit.

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