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How To Keep Your Bedroom Cool During Hot Sunny Day?

With the temperature rise, your place will also start getting hotter. Thus, it becomes difficult to embrace the sound sleep due to the high temperature inside the room. The bedroom is that place in our house where we sleep, relax, and rejuvenate.

If the ambiance of your bedroom is not comfortable, then how you can sleep and relax. Thus, with the arrival of the summer season, you should think about different ways to keep your bedroom cool during a hot sunny day. Here, we are going to discuss some tips that you can implement and keep the temperature of your bedroom at the ideal condition:

1. Bring Indoor Plants

By bringing indoor plants, you can block the sun rays and can keep your room cooler. Make sure that the size of the indoor plant is larger enough to block the sun rays. You should research the indoor plants and invest in those that are of top-notch quality.

2. Window Treatments

The sheer curtain may look beautiful but they allow sunlight to enter your room and make it hot. Thus, we recommend you change the sheer curtains with the blinds or opaque ones. The heavy curtains or blinds can block the sun rays and help in keeping your room cool.

3. Install Air Conditioner

With the rising temperature, it becomes impossible to live without air conditioning Sydney, especially in hot and arid regions. The latest technology air conditioners will not increase the utility bills and help in keeping your room cool and comfortable. You should make sure that windows and doors are properly insulated so that cool air does not escape out from your house.

4. Install LED Lights

You should upgrade your lighting fixtures with LED light bulbs. The traditional lighting fixtures can raise the temperature of your room. The LED bulbs do not contribute to raising the temperature of your house. In addition to this, LED bulbs also improve aesthetics and reduce utility bills.

5. Installation Of Smart Thermostat

By upgrading your thermostat, you can keep your room cool. The smart thermostats let you adjust the temperature from any place. It means you can turn on the thermostat and start cooling your house before you reach there. By installing a smart thermostat, you can easily save approximately 20 percent of your total cooling in a year.

6. Replace AC Filter

The air conditioners are integrated with the filters. These filters trap dust, dirt, microbes, and various other pollutants. Over time, these air filters start getting clogged up. Therefore, you should replace the old filter with the new one.

You should replace the filters of ducted air conditioning Sydney after six months. When filters clog up, they produce pressure on the air conditioner and reduce its efficiency. If you want to maintain the good efficiency of your air conditioner, then you should replace filters after the regular time interval.

7. Check For Leakage

You should check the windows and doors of your house and make sure they are properly. A well-insulated home stays cool during the summer season and warm during the winter season. In short, you can enjoy a comfortable stay at your home.

Upgrading your windows is a good idea to keep your home cool and comfortable. If replacing your old windows is not inside your budget, then you should do weather stripping. It will stop the leakage of cool air from the window.

8. Install Reflective Film

You should install reflective film on your windows because the reflective layer can help you to reflect 63% of sun rays. Usually, it does not allow the sunrays to enter through your windows. You should install heavy curtains as well so that your room stays cool.

9. Insulate Your Attic

Some people complain that even after insulating doors and windows, their room gets hotter during day time. It is due to of attic. The poor insulation of the attic can lead to a loss of 25 percent of energy during the daytime. Therefore, we recommend you call the professional and check the insulation of the attic in your house.

10. Install Attic Ventilator

During the hot sweltering summer season, attics can reach the level of 150 degrees centigrade. If you want to normalize the temperature of the attic during summer, then you should consider the installation of an attic ventilator. The attic ventilator fan helps in removing the hot air accumulated inside the attic.

11. Keep Your Bedding Cool

If you want to sleep well the whole night during the summer season, then we recommend you use cotton sheets. You should not use bedsheets made up of synthetic material. You should drape your bed with either cotton, linen, or percale bed sheets.

Final Words

If you want to spend a comfortable time in your bedroom, then you should consider implementing the above-mentioned tips.

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